The American Association of Political Consultants is the professional organization for people working in the field of politics in the United States. We have joined together to promote the following goals:

• To raise the standards of practice in political consultation, thereby enhancing the political process and
 improving public confidence in the American political system.

• To provide professional guidance, assistance, and education to members as they develop the skills,
techniques, and business procedures required for successful political consultation.

• To establish and maintain a high standard of ethical conduct through membership education and the
establishment and promotion of a workable Code of Professional Ethics for members.

• To help inform the news media, educational institutions, political organizations, and the general
public about the value of political consultation and its contribution to the political process.

 To place particular emphasis in our work on reaching out to involve and educate young people in the
art of political consultation and in the benefits it brings to the practice of democracy.


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The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of AAPC

Our mission is to encourage and expand social activity, networking and business promotion among our member political consulting and public affairs professionals in Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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